Jackson Heights – Episode 2

So we left off final week discovering out that everybody's favourite 'Bhatti Saheb' is in fact married. How many individuals are stunned to seek out out that Bhatti Saheb has married for a inexperienced card to a girl who has a son and daughter from a earlier marriage? Somebody, no person? Yeah, related right here. His step-daughter (Izzy)'s 'good friend' Tim comes to pick out her up and Bhatti saheb has a match. Later taking that match in the course of his spouse's trade dialog.  His spouse is impolite to him, once more, no shock there. And whereas  he's all emotional speaking about how he loves the youngsters, he does not have time to pick out Mark up from college as he'll be busy. We later to find out for him, being 'busy' method striking out with desi chums, unhealthy mouthing his spouse and her children, and having 'stunning coincidences' with Salma on the mall. Pricey Bhatti Saheb, if you wish to have admire out of your spouse and youngsters, act like a husband and father and most likely you can get the honour...simply sayin.' Any mom (desi or english) could be upset for those who left your son ready outdoor on the road for an hour since you had been too busy seeking to hit on different ladies!

On the Salma entrance, we discover out Eid is over and Salma didn't spend it at residence however at a undeniable Ms. Tapaal's home. Salma ki rent ka bhi masla hai and she or he is in nice want of cash...we already noticed within the trailers that her sole function appears to be offering for her household, nevertheless it appears there is extra to it than that.  Even Aalya does not appear to understand anything else about this different existence Salma appears to have. I really like Amina Sheikh's seem to be on this serial...actual to the core! I do want that, considering she is this type of proficient beautician, she would do one thing about Michelle's hair.

Conversing of Michelle, her story is what I am essentially the most focused on. What's the handle her and her bitterness? Additionally how would not she understand how you can yell at folks in urdu?  I in reality failed to take into account that. eighty five% of Michelle and Rizwan's conversations are in urdu, per madam urdu mein daant nahi sakkteen? She appears to do a advantageous job with the cutomers who would prefer her so as to add Gajar ka Halwa on the menu. She additionally does a super job with bechara Rizwan jo hamesha daant he khate rehte hain. That whole 'toot toot sakta hai' wala section was once extremely not possible, sorry to claim. As good of a author Vasey Chaudhery is, I used to be in point of fact stunned by means of this.  Minus that, I like this undefined couple. She does groceries for him, cooks for him, they're completely relaxed with each and every different, how do they now not get they in fact are a pair? An undefined equation most likely, but it surely indisputably is an equation, and no longer one among 'simply pals.' I am so happy they casted Adnan Jaafer for this function. He truly is the most effective match and compliments Marina Khan completely on this function.

No ladies, I have not forgotten your Jamshed...bechare visa ke intezaar  mein kuch zyada he duble ho gaye hain. One of the most best possible scenes on this episode was once the ebook retailer scene!  These traces "Wahan jaake eik 1/3 citizen ki tarha rehna gawara hai, per yahan apne mulk mein izzat ki zindagi nahi guzar sakte. Haan kyoonke ab woh sirf hume terrorist samajhte hain." And the road that in point of fact hit dwelling used to be  'Pakistan sawarne ke liye baaqi ki 17 caror awam kaafi hai...'  Vasey Chaudhery, for this reason I say your are an excellent author.  Possibly the PTI dharnas taking on my newsfeed and twitter are in point of fact affecting me, however in truth if everybody idea that manner, Pakistan ka kya hoga? And I say this sitting in the United States scripting this. All the laalchi mamu and mami observe is roughly over executed. I am sorry, I do know one thing like this must be within the script as a backdrop to Jamshed's frustration, however the one factor operating in my thoughts whereas gazing these scenes is in point of fact? Used to be it completely essential? Even though, Nani kitni pyari hain!

The episode ends with Salma and Aalya making an attempt to determine an affordable strategy to promote their salon. It seems that they have not but heard of twitter and fb. Significantly, the entire 'aunties' are unquestionably on fb, assured!

There you've gotten it, episode 2 is over and the look forward to episode three has already began. No phrases are vital to explain the casts' performances. Everybody single one in all them, from Bhatti Saheb, to his desi chums, and  Kathy Bhabi, to Nani and Aalya, is good. My recognize and admiration for Mehreen grows with each and every episode. The Nazia Hassan monitor of 'dil bole growth increase' used to be so good to listen to...and gave the look of good timing with Zoheb Hassan's look on Coke Studio this weekend. All in all, every other nice episode by way of crew Jackson Heights!


Firaaq Episode four

Lakeeron mein kismet ka haal chupa hota hai jo siraf dekhnay walay ko nazar aata hai... Yahan dekhnay walay bahut hain, dikhanay walay bahut kaam, or will have to I say wali.

So far as episodes go and I might even say tales, that is Firaaq's first hiccup. Regardless of development of narrative, I am stunned that no faster is Paiman out from her captivity that everybody round her needs to look her settled. Arrey let her are living her lifestyles, please and thanks! Imroze, who I've really extensive doubts about, is head over heels in mohabbat with Paiman. Rumi is as perplexed (one thing Noor Hassan is superb at portraying) as ever. Sara is matchmaking (and to assume I if truth be told favored Sara). Shams is gloating (to Maa-jee, who else?!). In point of fact?! What took place to consistency? To logical conclusions? To (dare I say it) sanity? Is that this the top of a just right collection? All we will get from you now's three "excellent" episodes, Hum TV?

Having stated that, I feel the explanation at the back of such fast revelations - one after the opposite - is (as I've said before) because Firaaq is a story of consequences and not actions. The quick narrative here allows Aabis Raza and Mustafa Afridi to dwell on what happens after these revelations. Mohabbat kay baad kya? Shaadi kay baad kya? Maa-je ka kya? Aur sabsay bada sawaal Paiman ka kya? It is these questions that (I believe) form the bulk of our story and I'm certain we will come back to them.

So essential is Paiman in this narrative that all plot lines emerge, revolve, and merge from, around, and into her. Is it any wonder, then, that everyone seems to be mandara-ooing around her?

Let's start with Imroze, a qualified psychologist or psychiatrist or jo bhi woh hai, who's fallen head over heels in love with our damsel in distress. Sadaf, my fellow reviewer, rightly brought up that perhaps, men need a victim, that they need someone to save. Is that why Imroze likes Paiman? From my point of view (nukta-e-nazar) and in my experience men, especially those settled in life at least professionally, prefer a partner that can complement them. As much as I see Paiman has been sheltered, and rather forcefully at that, from the world, seeing these two together as a couple is beyond me. How? Why? Moreover, no one falls in love in three episodes, this is not a Bollywood film! Hum TV get your act straight. Khirad and Ashar didn't fall in love until mid-series. Similarly, Kashaf and Zaroon couldn't stand each other before they were married and perhaps even after. To phir Paiman ko itni jaldi mohabbat kaisay ho gayee? Does she even know what mohabbat is? How do we know this charming doctor is not out to get into her shalwar only?

Which brings me to the whole "Do you trust me?" situation. Paiman, sweety, meri baat par gaur karo, jab koi mard kisi khatoon ko yeh lawaz kehta hai uskay do hi matlab hotay hai, pehla, ki woh aap ko dhooka dainay wala hai, aur doosra, ki woh aap ko dhoka day chukka hai. Of course, this is in relation to a particular kind of situation, i.e., between two lovers (or in this case would-be-lovers). Baaton mein yaad aaya, Paiman Bibi, aap ek qafas say nikal kar doosray qafas mein jaanay kay liye betaab kyun hai? Zara mujhe yeh samjhayeen?

This love game (I wish it was the Lady Gaga kind!) is yet to mark its third shikaar. Humara awaara and nikaara painter, Rumi, is being pushed to see similarities between Paiman and himself by Bhabhi Sara. Inasmuch as I find Sara to be hesitant about Imroze and his relationship with Paiman for her own reasons, I cannot help but think she's on to something. Both Shams and Sara have known Rumi for a long time, they all get along rather well, Rumi and Paiman share similar interests, he's immature enough to balance out her reserved and cautious ways, so, yes, I think Sara is right to suggest that these two should seriously think about the other. Noor Hassan's Rumi is an easy pill to swallow, his portrayal of carefree, no nakhara type of guy who's concerned how he'll manage to balance Paiman is wholly genuine. The fact that he's unconvinced even the second time around makes me think he just might have more depth than I previously thought.

Whether Hassan's Rumi can provide Paiman what she needs is another story altogether. After spending an eternity with Maa-jee, Rumi will be a gentle breeze who'll draw Paiman out from her shell in ways Imroze never will, but the sad thing is Paiman will never trust the painter as she does the shrink. So, for once, I'm going to agree with Maa-jee: "Pagaloon ka daktar" indeed. Mohib Mirza looks the part of a young professional (even with that rather odd shoe situation). He's confident, sauve, dapper, and sophisticated, adding a dimension to Imroze that no other actor could have. It doesn't hurt that he looks good with Sanam Saeed, and boy these two do look good together. His Imroze is (for the time being) the centre of attention.

As is evident, there is a certain hesitation around Imroze from all quarters - Shams because he's another man interested in his baby sister, Rumi because they're friends, Maa-jee... well Maa-jee hates everyone, and Sara for her own secretive reason. Its his profession that brought these individuals together and maybe it'll be the reason that breaks them up too.

Breaking up, though, brings me to Sara. If anyone is going to feel the repercussions of this relationship it is Sara. When I first reviewed Firaaq, I hated Cybil's accent, but as they say things grown on you and I've realized her accent isn't half as bad as Kanza's in Numm. Not to mention she can act! Cybil's Sara is always well put together, she seems and comes across as mature, and balances out Shams very well, which is why I think she wants Rumi to settle down with Paiman. Cybil's acting is not perfect but it isn't bad either. Accents, voice work, diction these are things time, experience, and classes can take care of, screen presence, maturity, the ability to fit a role are things that one can't buy as easily. Imagine if Meera was playing Paiman?

Oh the horror!

Horror brings me to Maa-jee. And boy was I disappointed to see just a snippet of her. What did I say last week: The only person who genuinely cares for Paiman is Haider and this week Shams made it very clear that his reasons were far from philanthropic. A beautifully shot scene which captures the essence of a rather fraught meeting (kudos DoP!) Shams intentions are rendered visible. My only concern is what will happen when Paiman falls? Who will pick her up? Kaun? Haider? Rumi? Shams? Maa-jee? Sara? Imroze? Kaun?

Here's hoping this is just one hiccup in a smooth meal.

Until next week,

Rab Rakha

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Bashar Momin: episodes 14-19

Bashar Momin


..Sharafat ka certicate  .... proof of innocence is difficult to come back through for Rudaba 

Credit score the place credit score is due , The complete Bashar Momin staff had the straightforward minded amongst us ( aka Me) yes he was once in love with Rudaba. I in my opinion discovered the entire concept nauseating and used to be fuming with the aid of the top of each and every episode : why will have to Rudaba fall in love and even attempt to love a Man who had used her and her domestic so badly ?I used to be simply staring at to look how some distance they'd go together with this stereotype.  Faysal Qureshi performed  the obsessed lover trope for all it used to be price ,most effective jolting the target market out of its romantic reverie after losing Buland and Tayaba off on the airport .  All Bashar wished used to be a excellent husband for his sister , nothing extra. Who was once it who mentioned this serial must be known as Bashar and his sisters ,?......you win a prize for getting it ahead of any person else .

So negative Rudaba knew the reality from day one , she tried to give an explanation for to her brother and Buland however nobody listened as a result of being the bholi larki all of them need her to be, her phrases , her lifelong principled behaviour counted for nothing of their eyes. Buland crown prince of kaano kache managed to consider at  least ten inconceivable issues sooner than breakfast in a single episode  . Good enough perhaps I'm exaggerating however for a supposedly wise Man he appears to have little or no standard feel. He sits with Adil and notices issues are unsuitable however deducts nothing. He visits Bashar and right away reconvicts Rudaba of being a whore at worst and a tease at highest. I discover on this dialog that he and has no downside believing Bashar Momin a infamous prison and relative stranger over the individuals his personal father really useful. Then when the servant Ramazan Chacha "unearths the reality" he modifies his thoughts once more . Good to grasp Buland is again on the facet of the angels however even then he by no means thinks he may owe Rudaba an apology.

The perfect scenes from the closing couple of episodes were between Adil and Rudaba . Ushna and Adil have that complete brother sister chemistry down pat and lookk nice on reveal. they all the time have probably the most sincere conversations too. Rudaba just isn't anidiot and does no longer fall for Ramazan Chacha's line about how Bashar will ..ahem 'transform '  the prince of her goals . She tells Adil straight out how chuffed she can be to break up as neither of them have any feeling for every different . Maheen Rizvi has all of sudden greater , in all probability she does depressing higher than chalaq , no matter it's ,it is working .

That leaves Faysal Qureshi lacking in motion . Now I watched this serial on the premise that he used to be the principle protagonist . Up to now he simply looks as if a part of the aspect motion in Rudaba and Buland's unhappy little love story . If I had MY WAY ; Bulund would were performed by way of Faysal who would possibly have introduced extra depth to Bulund and Sami khan for a metamorphosis may have if truth be told performed a darker function , displaying  his versatility as an actor .I beloved Sami Khan in Dil Mohalley ki Haveli , the place his position was once older , and  so much  extra advanced The one attention-grabbing scenes with Bashar have been of him describing his best lifestyles associate in unusually Freudian phrases ... now not positive if he was once speaking about his mom or what he desires in a spouse ... the outline sounded just like the desires of a psychopath fairly than a standard particular person's needs for a spouse. We had been teasesd with some fascinating black and white (quelle shock) however nothing enormous .... but . So Bashar is still somewhat two dimenional : one dimenion the batamees Don the opposite dimenion the caring brother .... nonetheless relatively missing.

Indisputably Zanjabeel Shah wrote a captivating story however I believe the director and the creator's imaginative and prescient usually are not the identical . The way in which one of the vital scenes are performed and what the dialogues are pronouncing appears to be at odds every now and then . On occasion I ponder who precisely used to be directing  this drama ...possibly too many cooks spoiled the broth ?  Bashar Momin may also be slightly interesting like Friday's episode after which it may be mindboggling because it was once this Saturday ....What on the earth was once the aim of that by no means ending eye lock ( I refuse to name it a gaze) between Bulund and Rudaba ? if any person gained that exhibit down it was once Ushna Shah whose bitter smile summed up Rudaba's emotions completely. My recommendation (all the time to be had ;) ... is depart these issues to Celebrity plus , they've extra practise .

written by way of SADAF


Disney Khoobsurat Evaluate

Khoobsurat is a standard Disney film;: during which the entire messy important points of lifestyles are packaged into vibrant little parcels for the target market to digest readily . Sonam Kapoor over acts her manner via this best romp as Dr Milli Chakravorty the Physiotherapist assigned to lend a hand a Raja Shekhar Singh Rathore recuperate from an harm he has been nursing for ten years. After defeating  forty physiotherapists sooner than her , the Raja eventually meets his healthy within the Klutzy , outspoken Milli who's determind to get him again on his ft . Enter the  stuffy Prince Vikram Singh Rathore performed with simply one of the best quantity of depth through Fawad Afzal Khan. With out giving freely an excessive amount of the plot revolves across the interplay between Mili and Vikram, who in real Romantic comedy style are polar opposites, puzzled through their rising appeal for every different. There have been plenty of nice scenes between these two however the funniest used to be the primary once they by chance meet in ....mattress. Fawad and Sonam have nice chemistry and seemed lovely collectively.

This movie is a totally brand new tackle romance. Mili is a pleasant Indian lady who has had her fare share off breakups and boyfriends, who didn't be mindful her outspoken, act first, assume later methods. If any person is shy it's stuffy , formal royal “we” the usage of Prince Vikram ,who like the remainder of his household stopped having enjoyable after his brother died in an accident ten years in the past.  Like several Disney fare the story is gentle weight however it’s power are the strong performances from Fawad Khan,  Ratna Patak and Aamir Raza Hussain which make all of it work.

Doubtless, the primary appeal on this film is Fawad Khan and he by no means disappoints. Any individual who has watched him in Khuda key leeye can testify to his skill for taking part in , tough , severe roles .Right here he proves his versatility by way of giving Vikram Singh simply sufficient depth to offer a foil to Sonam Kapoor’s flaky Mili and simply sufficient mild so that you could consider how even opposites can appeal to. Sonam seems to be attractive (as does Fawad ) and does a greater than satisfactory job as Mili however she wanted to present simply alittle extra keep an eye on in her  efficiency to make her persona plausible.

My major criticism about this film needs to be the definitely gentle weight script. The story was once easy however excellent and it might had been given much more depth and nuance relatively than targeting Mili dancing and ingesting with the servants. One kissing scene will have to were sufficient, however when there was once nothing within the script for the actors to do or say,so I believe they needed to fill the reveal time with one thing. My final gripe is the copious quantities of alcohol being consumed on reveal with out final result. I'm not naïve to advise it no longer be proven however in the previous couple of Bollywood films I've watched it appears extreme to the purpose that it distracts from the storyline. In The usa Mili can be regarded as an alcoholic.

Except for that this movie is neatly directed and a should watch particularly for the hundreds of thousands of Fawad lovers throughout the globe.

I simply want shall we see this stage of high quality in a Pakistani Manufacturing however with the depth a just right creator can present .

three.5/5 stars

Written with the aid of Sadaf

I’m uninterested in an identical characters of those actresses, are you bored too?

Few actresses of our TV Business are doing comparable more or less characters from the beginning of their careers and I'm bored of seeing them over and over in similar roughly look, appearing and personality.

A few of them who got here to my thoughts are listed under, if somebody else involves your thoughts be at liberty to share and add to the record.=

Sanam Jung

sanam-jung (1)

Sanam Jung is an elegant addition in the drama industry of Pakistan. She has played main lead in three drama serials till now i.e Dil-e-Muztar, Mohabbat Subha Ka Sitara hai and ongoing serial Mairy Humdum Mairy Dost.

In all of these dramas she has played tragic roles, First in Dil-e-Muztar she played a girl who got into a series of troubles after her marriage. In Mohabbat Subha Ka Sitara hai she is “mazloom girl” who has no sincere people around her and faces lots of troubles before and after her marriage and crying all the time. Now in her latest venture she is yet again mazloom.

She needs to do a glamorous role now.

Yumna Zaidi 


She began her profession in 2012 and I feel she has just right appearing talents however she has been casted in poor roles over and over. Her first drama serial was once Thakan from ARY by which she performed function of a egocentric sister and In Ullu  Barae Farookht Nahi additionally she had bad personality.Rishtey Kuch Adhoray Say and Mausum in each of those drama she once more portrays  egocentric and bad charcter. Even though she does justice to her terrible roles however she has to selected some differernt roles now.



Sohai Ali Abro



Sohai additionally began her carrer in 2012 with “Saat Pardon Mai” aired from GEO and obtained well-known from “Tanhai” of Hum television. In virtually all of her dramas until now she has performed “rotu” characters and a lady with a center type history like Tanhai, Khoya  Khoya Chand, Rishtay kuch Adhoray Say and bhabhi, simplest exception being Piyary Afzal. She must play some satisfied go fortunate kinda lady roles now.







Written via  Afira Qahar


The views expressed on this article are these of the writer and don't essentially symbolize the views of, and will have to no longer be attributed to, Dramapakistani.internet

Firaaq Episode three

Yeh primary hoon: bejaan, berang...


That ever elusive factor that even the freest amongst us by no means really reach. For the fortunate, although, it's - on that uncommon social gathering - a feat made conceivable by using destiny, however I ponder at what price? Firaaq, I to find, is no longer with regards to relationships and moments, it is also a story about freedom, about the freedom to live, to laugh, to learn, to be, and most of all to love. Yet, often times, as is typical of life, with freedom comes rupture. A rupture that is still to be fully realized.

As Paiman walks with bhai-ji towards freedom (at last!), Maa-jee is left shattered but definitely not broken. After all, she's made of tough stuff. In a beautifully shot sequence between Tabassum, Shams, Paiman, and that staircase, I could feel the anxiety all around. Maa-jee and her doubts, Shams' quiet faith in his sister or at least her ability to finally stand up for herself, and Paiman's one chance at a normal life. The way this scene was conceptualized, framed, and shot, it seemed we were almost there, behind the stairs, on the stairs, looking down at Shams, looking up at Maa-jee. The DoP does an excellent job of visualizing how Paiman felt in that house, like a stranger within very familiar walls. I can easily say this was one of the best scenes so far.

Leave it to HUM TV to make a rupture look beautiful, I'd even say poetic, but at the same time not shy away from its consequences.

Tabassum's controlling ways have found yet another victim, on the same path as the previous one. Seeing her come to grips with yet another betrayal was rather telling. Her bleeding finger as a symbol of her loss. Shayad apnay khoon ka rang dekh kar Maa-jee ko kuch ehsaas ho jaye ga, if only about her zakhams. For a woman that's strong willed and stubborn, I couldn't see her reacting in any other way, as she lives with the guilt unable to come to terms with it. Was it really her fault? Did she drive both her children away?

Even though Maa-jee refuses to think of Paiman, going so far as to admonish poor Haider at zikhar karo-ing about her, Paiman can't help but think of Maa-jee. As she walks out of the house - shy and insecure, as she speaks to Imroze and Rumi - in a flurry of ji's and ji nahi's, as she dresses up, as she carries herself, Paiman is firmly under the shadow of the woman who once nurtured her. A woman who refuses to think about her now lost daughter.

Haider, on the other hand, is yet to leave Paiman. His phone call was clearly that of a gentle, caring, and nurturing man, albeit sautayla, but by no means step-fatherly. Of all the people in Paiman's life, Haider, is perhaps the only one who genuinely wants the best for her (with no ulterior motive). Shams' wants to inflict pain on Maa-jee by giving Paiman a new lease on life, Maa-jee wants to keep her perpetually in qaid (and that is one literal and metaphorical qaid!), Imroze and Rumi have their own agendas, as does Sara, which only leaves Haider to cushion Paiman's fall, and that fall will come. Seeing this dynamic between two people unrelated by blood but still bound by familial ties is a refreshing sight. See, HUM TV, normal people do form bonds with each other and it doesn't take khoon kay rishtay either!

And rishtas there are many. Some that Paiman's left behind, new ones she's yet to fully explore, and still newer ones she going to make. I find the dynamic between Sara, Shams, and Paiman is going to come to a head especially when both her suitors will start lining up in front of her darwaza for more than just answers. I wonder, though, what it is about a girl like Paiman that a sassy painter like Rumi finds attractive or a qualified professional (take that with whatever pinch of salt) like Imroze finds irresistible?

She's innocent, she's naive, she's inexperienced, but does that make her sought after? And if so, why? Isn't this just catering to the neeyat of the desi man?

Speaking of men, let's start with the fashion faux pas' this week. What in heavens name was the costume designer thinking when he paired up Imroze's (drab!) brown suit with black leather shoes? WHAT, WHAT, WHAT were you thinking? Similarly, Shams' khakis were paired with patent leather black shoes. Seriously? Raza sahab, apnay costume designer ko bahar nikalain, s/he is a disaster! Although if the boys were given some lacklustre fashion choices, the girls were absolutely stunning. Cybil Chaudhry looks ever inch a sophisticated wife and homemaker, Maa-jee is all shades of anger personified, and Sanam Saeed does justice to the role solely by the choice of her dupattas. From plain orange and blue chiffon dupattas that hang off of her she's branching out to more colourful, printed ones that channel her experiences, her fashion choices are changing from berang to rang-barang. This subtle shift so beautifully executed and portrayed by a piece of clothing is attention to detail that I find commendable.

Looks like that costume designer still has a job, but coming back to the boys.

Imroze and Rumi are one odd couple. Like friends in this part of the world (and believe me friends, especially desi ones, become just like family when you're away from home), I see them spending time together not because they're lonely or because they don't have relationships, but because they're able to understand one another, which is what friends do, but how long will that understanding last when love is the ultimate prize? Clearly, Mohib Mirza and Noor Hassan act well because they have everyone believing otherwise, as though there's something more to that friendship. I personally find that portraying a comfortable friendship be it between two men or two women is important kyunki milna, khana na banana, baatein karna, is what normal people do!

Waise khanay say yaad aaya Noor-o-Hassan sahab, instagram par to pakhwan bana bana kar post kartay ho aur apna aziz dost kay liye kuch bhi nahi. Ya phir drama mein thoodi maardani dikhani thi?

Doosri aur ittefaq ki baat hai: Saaaaaaaaruuuuuuuuu! Becharay Noor ki kismet mein hameeshan kisi Sara say hi dhokha khana likha hai kya? Yahan bhi Sara ko "item" kahe kar chaidna woh bhi uskay shohar kay samanay. Old habits die hard as they say. Although Shams I wouldn't be scared, if I were you, aur kuch nahi to meri baat par hi yakeen kar lo. Here's hoping Noor Hassan isn't the middle man again. We've seen your Khizer now we want to see your Rumi, Mr. Hassan.

Three episodes in, Firaaq has me intrigued but I want to see more of Maa-jee and Haider, which we didn't see as much this week. I want to see more of Paiman and Imroze too. Those two actually do look good together. None of this looking good, though, would have been possible without the adept camerawork and exceptional editing. These two strengths make Firaaq a cut above the rest this season and even this year.

I patiently wait for next week.

Till then,

Rab Rakha,

This is RB signing off (Tweet me!)

Jackson Heights – Episode 1

laiyan laiyan mein tere naal dholna

ve laiyaaan laiyaaan primary tere naal dholna

Eik dil si ve rea mere kolna

ve major lutti gayi, dholna ve major lutti gayi

With this pretty OST, we eventually acquired to peer the debut of Jackson Heights tonight. The primary episode begins with a superbly penned epilogue in Noman Ejaz's voice describing town Jackson Heights, (very paying homage to 'Tanhaiyan 2, NayeSilsile.'). The closing a part of the epilogue,  "...in sab mein eik cheez fashionable hai, majobori...kisi ki majboori behter zindagi, to kisi ki majboori unke khawb. Koi apne baron ki wajeh se, to koi apne bachon ki,"  in reality units the tone of the whole drama.  The fools paradise some individuals are living in again house, considering that as quickly as you land at an airport in the United States, cash greets you with open hands and your existence is solely set now.

Right away afterwards you might be taken to Haseena Magnificence parlour, the place Salma (Amina Sheikh) is excessive popular. I am no longer even going to touch upon 'Mrs. Khan' and her 'aap bohut naughty hain, mujhe to Salma he chahiye' kind dialogues (despite the fact that for a 2nd there I believed I used to be staring at Bobby D in Annie ki Ayegi Baraat). Salma goes from one home to any other sooner than Eid to care for desi Auntys' waxing and threading.  Transferring earlier that, we're offered to Marina Khan (Michelle)'s restaurant. Michelle naturally has considerations with Desis and he or she does nothing to cover it. The one desis she would not appear to  have a subject matter with are Imran Bhatti (Noman Ejaz because the ever dependable cab driver) and Rizwan, a banker from India who has been put within the 'good friend zone' by means of Michelle, however he's evidently looking to alternate that with time and (nice) persistence. Michelle and Rizwan share nice chemistry and we examine that Michelle has a daughter who's married in London and the remainder of her prolonged domestic is in Pakistan. These two I've made up our minds are already my favourite folks in JH. I particularly liked the India vs. Pak cricket banter.

We're then offered to Imran Bhatti, and actually, eighty% of episode 1 is ready him. Imran got here to the U. S. about 15 years in the past and is obviously helping his complete domestic again house. He is a huge brother to the youthful cab drivers, brazenly pleasant with strangers in his cab (to the purpose that he voluteers the interpretation of 'Kameez teri kaali' to a passenger), and upon assembly Salma, feels the necessity to offer protection to her additionally. Imran's mom, (laalchi) brother, and domestic are living in Pakistan and he has been aiding them (and it appears his bhabi's brother additionally) for years now. Imran additionally  has a nephew Jamshed (Adeel Hussain) who's best dream is to get to the United States. When his mom tells him that Junaid has utilized for a visa, Imran is adamant in telling her that he should not come right here. He has now graduated and must discover a job there. We see Junaid arrogantly turning down a 'sarkari nokri' with out even getting a visa, as a result of he's certain he'll be going to the United States.  Junaid in fact additionally has a female friend and  'chat ki kahani' remains to be going robust in Pakistan within the 12 months 2014. The episode ends with Imran going residence and a woman having a look at her watch with annoyance pronouncing 'wow, welcome residence honey!'

There you've it guys...that was once the primary episode of Jackson Heights. Individually, a perfect distraction from saas bahu drama, additional marital affairs (even though this may in reality be there), conniving sisters, and all of the different mazloom aurat dramas which are on air presently. The solid is basically sensible they usually  have all executed justice to their roles. There aren't any excessive garments, make up, mansions, and even dialogues. Mehreen Jabbar can obviously do no flawed in path. She strikes flawlessly between takes and even international locations. I totally loved listening to Ataullah Khan's 'Kameez teri kaali' within the cab. I additionally very so much loved Salma looking to bribe Imran with an additional $10 greenbacks to drop her to the appointment and Imran says 'desi kabhi bhi rishwat dene se baaz nahi ata.'  Brilliantly accomplished Vasey Chaudhery! There have been some enhancing concerns, however I believe that occurs in each drama within the first couple episodes and personally weren't actually an immense deal. I feel once we see so many positives, we must ignore the couple mishaps.

All in all, I believe that is going to be a really perfect play and a fresh trade from whats on air presently.

Chup Raho : episode 5 evaluation


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The Bewaqoof dost on this occasion is Ramin's mom who thinks that through suppressing Ramin and by some means standing shield  she will make  this case go away. If it had been a stranger who raped Ramin , in all probability with effort and time there would were some therapeutic however Numair is Azar's relative , one he admires and hopes to emulate, so their contact can be consistent . Maa ji will have to have used some fashionable experience and listened to Ramin  however then Maa ji has been air head from day considered one of this serial so why exchange now. The implausible speech she provides about husbands being "Majazi Khuda" made me need to throw up. This function is so pivotal to the story that it must had been given to any person with depth like Samina Peerzada or Saba Hamid .

Ramin and Azar depart the rasm o rivage at Numair and Manal's home and go residence to a simpl welcome . The spotlight of the episode used to be Ramin and Azar first interraction as husband and spouse . Ramin is scared and wont enable Azar to the touch her . Azar quietly reassures her and goes to sleep in other places . It used to be good to look that azar didn't push her , that he was once sort and tried to reassure her with out pressurising her by any means . My rspect for azar's persona shot up sky excessive after that scene , possibly air head Maa ji has some degree? Rather than that it used to be clean to peer an absence of chalaq Sasurali varieties and not one of the basic pointless traditions we're pressured to view drama after drama on display. Samira Fazal has fortunately given Ramin customary in regulations ,who best need her and Azar to feel free . I in truth loved the scenes of everybody serving to on the newlyweds breakfast which is on a regular basis a scene stuffed with damage emotions and double meanings in so many different tales.

On a technical degree the episode and story are on an upward gradient. The actors concerned have hit their stride ; Sajal Ali and Feroz Khan/Malik  (?) have nice chemistry collectively and performed their smartly written scenes in conjunction with seamless ease.  I'm nonetheless ready on Manahil's persona to unfold . until now she appears  two dimensional and unthinking. Yasir Nawaz and Samira Fazal have made a slick ,environment friendly product , straightforward to look at and exciting sufficient to seize the audiences consideration and loyalty each Tuesday night . Alternatively there's no depth . The tough concerns will not be explored nor are the characters allowed any introspection or self diagnosis;as an alternative they drift like  leaves on the outside of fast-paced however  shallow water .

written with the aid of Sadaf




Firaaq Episode 2

Maa-jee say darti ho.

Nahi, unki umr say darti hoon. Betay kay baad agar beti bhi apni manmaani karnay lagi to woh nahi sahe paayen gi. 

Moments - stunning, eternal, painful, putting, full of love, and even perhaps anger. All of us have them.

Firaaq's 2d episode gave me relatively just a few of those moments. I noticed the preliminary curiosity between two strangers someway tied by means of destiny, circumstance, and familial bonds, as I noticed Paiman and Sara. Then, there was once the banter between Amroze and Roomi, which is moderately telling of issues but to come back. I felt Sara's unease and Shams' withdrawal at Maa-jee's revelation. Momentarily, my coronary heart went out for Paiman as she sat gardening along with her sautala-Abbu, simplest to be all of sudden stunned by way of Tabassum's match of anger.

Actually, I am nonetheless reeling from that shock! Phew!

As I take a seat right here typing, there is a humorous factor I simply seen, for an episode that had so many moments, the story remains to be held captive through Maa-jee. Kyun? Neatly, Paiman remains to be caught in that home. From final week's promo, I believed Sanam Saeed was once supposed to go away suitcase in hand with bhai-ji, but, we finish with these stern phrases: "Tum yeh kamra chood kar nahi jaa sakti, bas."

Maa-jee, mera ek mashwara maanay, hooni ko koi nahi tal sakta.

Despite the fact that I am relatively upset on the stilted development of the narrative (everyone knows Paiman is heading out, then, why the not up to cliffy cliffhanger?!), there's sufficient on this week's episode to maintain me briefly satiated.

As a lot because the narrative makes a speciality of Shams and Sara's relationship or Maa-jee's loopy antics (in reality with that danda?), which can be essential to the general construction, that is surely Paiman's story. We see how she acts and thinks, we're made to really feel for her, for her scenario. Our voice resonates with that of Haider, "Iss ghar mein tum murjha jao gi." Sanam Saeed breathes existence into Paiman, and I do know some could disagree, however her expressions particularly her eyes bring a long way extra ache than they're intended too. Paiman is a sad, quite, demure, and reclusive creature not by choice but by circumstance. And Saeed's big glasses, scrunchie-d hair, printed suits coupled with the dialogues and her acting present a character that is at once conflicted by right and wrong, by perceptions and desires, and most importantly, by a question: should she live for herself or for someone else.

Sixteen years of living like a prisoner, no matter how beautiful the cage, can take a toll on anyone and Paiman is no different. She is bursting at the seams to leave, to explore, to experience, to make mistakes, to fall in love, to be heartbroken, and maybe even find herself. Experiences, as Haider rightly notes, she's being denied by a mother who's lived her life. Ironic isn't it?

The source of Paiman's earthly misery, Maa-jee, is an enigma (and not the good kind). Why is this woman so hateful, so insecure, so angry? If there's anyone in need of Amroze's services (and desperately at that) it is Tabassum. I still haven't gotten over her danda antic (and this is just the beginning), I'm not sure whether to laugh, be horrified, or maybe feign disgust? Either way Uzma Gillani is a formidable powerhouse of acting in Firaaq, because this story needed a villain like her.

In many ways, Maa-jee is a warped and twisted version of Farida from Humsafar, which is why, I think, Shams left. His "betrayal" of mother and sister had nothing to do with Haider, in fact, Haider served as a ready and easy excuse for escape, but I could be wrong. Shams is a character full of anger, which bursts forth on occasion such as when Sara goes to the park or decides to visit her saas (of course, thanks to Dr. Amroze). Seeing Junaid Khan being every bit as dark as his Adam from Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu, as he waited quietly for Sara and then just stood there looking at her: goosebumps (no, seriously!). Let's hope HUM TV has insurance lest the character get into Juni's head.

Getting into heads, though, is Dr. Amroze's forte. After all, that psychotic couple is still in therapy. Waise, HUM TV nay itnay paisay kharchay, location par, kapdoon par, cast par, thoda paisa extras par bhi kharch laitay, baat yahni choodon ga, as they say, akalmand ko isharaa kafi. I have yet to see Mohib Mirza truly woven into this story, he seems (as of now) to be an outsider looking in, which is why seeing him in a rather candid conversation with Roomi was a tad bit revealing. These two have an odd friendship, they sit around while one paints the other, talking about tanhaai and women in their lives. Could this be yet another love triangle with both Amroze and Roomi falling for Paiman? Triangles or not, the boys looked good together, be it Roomi and Shams or Amroze and Roomi, their interaction wasn't stunted but rather natural and impromptu (what with Noor Hassan laughing through his dialogues?!).

For an episode that had promised us a climax, we were let down, but by no means disappointed. The writing, editing, direction, and acting are in tandem with the overall narrative. The camerawork was equally flawless and the background score never disappoints. But I hope they'll give us some silences (awkward or otherwise) - like they did today with noises of traffic, of the wind, of rippling water - because the story deserves them.

Till next week,

Rab Rakha

This is RB signing off. (Tweet me!)

Mere Humdum Mere Dost- Final Episode Overview

Three phrases- Effectively wrapped up! Khushiyan aisi hello milti hain; bilkul achanak... What higher approach to sum up this finale than such candy but easy phrases! Some other ride got here to an finish and this time round, I was once greater than happy with the ending. Farhat Ishtiaq didn't disappoint and gave us a memorable ending- and a cheerful one at that! Whoever thinks endings should be imprecise , incomplete or tragic (nonetheless ranting over Pyarey Afzal) must take a cue from Farhat Ishtiaq and get pleasure from her prowess of taking a easy story and remodeling it into one who resonated with the target market. There have been some bumps alongside the experience however on the finish of the day, all that truly issues is how we get there.

Mein apni tauheen toh bardaasht kar sakta houn lekin Aiman ki mohabbat jo mere dil mein hai uski tauheen nahin... Adnan Siddiqui used to be the surprize package deal for me. I've viewed a lot of him in contemporary instances I used to be in truth going to offer this one a leave out exclusively on account of his presence.  However by some means, Adnan Siddiqui owned the position of Haider Masood and has most likely given certainly one of his perfect performances. Might there be a extra suave actor to play this function? I feel no longer! Haider's interior turmoil over breaking Aiman's coronary heart was once brilliantly portrayed- there have been no over-the-prime izhaar-e-mohabbat however we obtained an perception into his thoughts- his concern of being mismatched with anyone sixteen years youthful than him and the chance that she could in the end notice he was once the most important mistake of her lifestyles.

Mein tumhari maa nahin houn lekin aurat houn... For me, Almas used to be the weakest hyperlink. Her persona did not have the layers I anticipated. She got here throughout as a girl who was once simply manipulated by way of her sister into guaranteeing Aiman and Haider do not take their friendship to any extent further and impulsively, she used to be overflowing with issue for Aiman on this remaining episode. Hmm, one thing simply failed to really feel proper.

Tumhara shehar woh hai jahan tumhara baap hai, tumhara ghar hai... apni beti ke aansoun ke agey jaise haar sa gaya houn... And ultimately, daddykins become the daddy Aiman all the time hoped he'd be. A in actuality caring, possessive and compassionate one. Taufeeq Kamaal- the person who used to be the emotional identical of a stuffed animal saved the very best for remaining. His helplessness over being unable to present his daughter the happiness she was once in quest of was once proven completely- itni shiddat se woh Haider se mohabbat karti hai. Woh Haider ki zindagi mein kisi aur ko shaamil hotey nahin dekh sakey gi... He tried to dissuade her from leaving for Nawaabshah however did not have the center to peer her waste away.

Ek buzdil mard mujhse mohabbar karta hai jo apni mohabbat ka izhaar ek gunaah ki tarhan bandd kamrey mein kar raha hai... Males desire a push occasionally and Aiman's neatly-timed buzdili ka taana was once simply what Haider wanted to come back out within the open and suggest amidst the bareyy of the family. This used to be no longer what I anticipated from a person like Haider Masood. However I suppose this was once the brand new and more advantageous Haider Masood- the one who used to be given a brand new hire on existence after assembly Aiman. Aiman felt she used to be a mission for Haider Masood however in fact, they each subconsciously moulded every different; Haider's maturity stored Aiman grounded however on the related time, Aiman's innocence taught Haider to chill out. These previous few minutes of Aiman and Haider expressing their happiness gave the drama a way of entirety- one thing that is been missing these days.

I am satisfied I took up reviewing this drama as a result of on the finish, I am feeling satisfied- Clap alongside if you are feeling like happiness is the reality.... I felt like my time used to be smartly spent. Momina Duraid and Farhat Ishtiaq are a drive to reckon with. Shehzad Kashmiri deserves a shout out for extracting some very tremendous performances- even supposing I nonetheless stand by means of me views that Sanam Jung has an extended technique to go. Hareem Farooq was once outstanding; Shamim Hilali used to be sensible as common; Farhan Agha seemed mighty superb however Adnan Siddiqui used to be merely a reduce above the remainder. Thanks for studying, for sharing your views and making the discussions fascinating and interesting (I saved coming again for extra :) ) . Part of me in reality feels unhappy on the grounds that I is not going to be again subsequent week however expectantly, we will have to have one thing new to stay up for .

Kanwal Murtaza